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When Alexander Forsyth started working as a coppersmith back in the 1890’s, he would never have imagined that over a century later his family would still be carrying on the trade on such a global scale.

Forsyths is one of the world leaders in the supply of distillation equipment. To this day we still employ the hand hammering techniques of our forefathers to form copper into beautifully shaped pot stills. Technology has helped us along the way to provide better joining methods and make the process more efficient and less labour intensive, but the art and craft of our skilled coppersmiths remain vital to the production of our equipment.

Originally only operating in the whisky industry of Speyside, you can now find Forsyths equipment on every continent making beer, whiskies (from barley, wheat, grain, corn and rye), bourbon, rum, vodka, brandy, gin, tequila and GNS but to mention a few. Our experience in distillation is now recognised on a worldwide basis. Many spirit based drinks around the globe owe their unique but consistent characters to our knowhow.

Our main business is still the replacement of worn parts for the Scotch Whisky Industry, however every year we are providing more and more equipment for start up companies worldwide. Forsyths are able to offer these new clients a turnkey project from raw materials in to new make spirit out. Over the last century we have developed a comprehensive range of services including:

  • Process Design
  • Mechanical Design
  • Fabrication & Engineering
  • Turnkey Solutions
  • Export
  • Site Installations
  • Commissioning
  • Aftersales and Maintenance
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Upcoming events

At the events we attend, you can meet Forsyth Group directors and employees from a range of offices & backgrounds. We want to spread the word about Forsyths as much as possible. This is why we attend as many Distillation, Oil & Gas & Renewables events as possible. It is a great opportunity to meet existing and new clients.