In 2019 we started the design to fit the new site, a green field on the edge of the small residential town, Ardara. This blank canvas meant lots of potential for different lay out options. We worked closely with the client and architect to make the dream a reality, triple distillation, 2 tonne distillery producing malt and pot still whisky. The design specified a peated “all grains in” technique - a process where a cooker (or mash conversion vessel) is used instead of a conventional mash tun. This means there is no filter before fermentation and the milled grains stay in all the way through including to the wash distillation.

Fabrication in our workshop started mid 2020 and equipment included Cooker, Hot liquor tank, 6 x wash-backs, Wash, Intermediate & Spirit stills and Condensers, wash sub cooler, Safe, external re-boilers and process tanks and well as a heat recovery system to reduce energy consumption. A late change also saw their existing gin still moved from a previous site and installed in the Ardara Distillery.

The project saw many different obstacles from the weather to Covid-19 but in October 2021 installation and commissioning was complete.